Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade

”Avid learning machines” is how Jane Healy describes second graders in her book; Your Child’s Growing Mind. Second graders are full of great energy and potential for growing and learning in leaps and bounds. We are prepared to start them on this very exciting adventure!

One of the most important aspects of the 2nd grade experience is social and emotional growth. Second graders are generally ready for greater responsibility and thrive when given high standards and goals to work toward.   They will continue to grow in their ability to work cooperatively and respectfully with others and in taking responsibility for their own actions.

Language Arts is a major focus of the second grade curriculum. Our guidelines for instruction are the Common Core standards. The following components are included in our work:

  • Reading Literature: 2nd graders grow in their ability to understand and recount stories, recognize fact and opinion,  point of view, and to compare and contrast stories
  • Reading Informational Text: Reading informational text is often new to 2nd graders. We learn to recognize text features, main ideas and supporting details and discover the potential of reading  to learn.
  • Reading Foundational Skills: Building foundational skills involves phonics, reading fluency, and building vocabulary and spelling skills.
  • Writing: In 2nd grade students recognize and consider an author’s purpose in writing. They research and write on varied topics of study as well as produce narrative and creative works. Our goal is to express ourselves using complete thoughts with appropriate grammar and mechanics.
  • Speaking and Listening: We utilize a time in class called Planned Sharing to practice and develop skills in choosing and developing a topic with supporting details. These skills transfer into our writing work as well.

Second grade Math curriculum is also guided by the Common Core Standards which breaks down into the following strands:

  • Number and Operations: 2nd graders are expected to fluently add and subtract numbers up to 20 using mental strategies; read, write, compare and recognize place value of numbers to 1000; and to add and subtract numbers up to 100.
  • Measurement and Data: Telling time to 5 minute increments; counting sums of money to $5.00; measuring length; and creating and reading line plots and picture and bar graphs are all part of our work in this strand.
  • Geometry: We will focus on recognizing and drawing shapes with specific attributes and practice partitioning rectangles and circles to form equal shares and identify the shares using fraction terms.

Social Studies: The overarching theme of Social Studies lessons in 2nd grade is “Change Over Time” We will explore this idea in many different contexts while also discovering the common links between each.

Science:  2nd graders are given the opportunity to explore the following themes in our work in science.

  • Life science: The Brain and Five senses, Life cycles, Food Chains, Types of Vertebrates, Plants
  • Physical science: Heat and Sound
  • Earth Science: Rocks and Soil, Natural Resources