Fourth Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade

Language Arts:

Language arts in fourth grade is taught using the Open Court Reading Program. This is a curriculum that stresses direct instruction in the areas of:
· Phonemic awareness, phonics, and word knowledge
· Comprehension skills and strategies
· Inquiry skills and strategies
· Writing and language arts skills and strategies
In addition, students select books from a variety of genres for independent reading and reporting. Through the writing process, children work to improve their skills in the areas of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, letter writing, and research. Both mechanics and creativity are stressed. Daily spelling lessons emphasize phonetic rules and patterns. Vocabulary is an integral part of the curriculum across all content areas. Instruction continues in cursive writing with the goal of consistent, accurate penmanship in all written work.

Mathematics is taught through the My Math program. This is a common core standards-based curriculum that blends concepts development and skills practice with an emphasis on problem solving. Topics covered include arithmetic and number sense, geometry, measurement, probability and statistics.

Fourth grade students will experience science in a variety of ways. This is accomplished through the use of journals, experiments, observations, investigations, and research. Each year students will study physical, earth and life sciences.

Social Studies:
Social Studies instruction in the fourth grade focuses on the State of Vermont and its people. Students study Vermont’s geography, history, government, and culture from early times to the present day. Local, national, and world events are used to help children broaden their knowledge and understanding of Vermont and its relationship to the world.