First Grade

Welcome to First Grade

Language Arts: 

First Graders learn so much as readers and writers! We use a variety of techniques to help First Graders develop in literacy.  This includes work with:

  • Phonemic Awareness (oral blending and segmenting speech sounds)
  • Explicit instruction in phonics (letter/spelling correspondence) for reading and spelling
  •  Reading aloud of great children’s literature to learn comprehension strategies and vocabulary
  • Independent reading of decodable and early-reader texts to build fluency and confidence
  •  Whole class reading of early-reader texts to practice all reading skills
  •   Explicit instruction in different genres of writing and lots of time to practice writing in those genres
  • Handwriting practice using the D’Nealian system.

Children become good readers by reading.  We expect every child to spend a minimum of ten minutes reading at home each day.  As your child becomes a more independent reader, please don’t forgot to continue to read aloud to them!  Both kinds of reading are vital to building strong students who love books.


First Grade math centers around building a strong understanding of numbers to 120, addition, and subtraction.  We also spend much time solving word problems, and do small units on measurement, geometry, and data.  We follow the Common Core State Standards, and use a variety of techniques, including games, manipulatives, and ‘pencil and paper’ work to help first graders mastermathematical concepts.

Social Studies:

First Grade Social Studies centers around understanding the communities in which we live- including holidays and mapping. Much Social Studies instruction in First Grade occurs through literacy instruction.


Science in First Grade is all about questioning, thinking, and discovering!  Currently, we teach units on butterflies, the moon, and plants, but we’re always adding other units as time and interest permits.

First Grade is a great place to learn and explore!  We look forward to working with your child!