SoRo Board Minutes

A full list of South Royalton School Board Minutes (prior, current and future materials) may be found HERE.

Items listed on this page are only meant to supplement those provided at

The WRVSU website also lists minutes for other schools, the Transition Board and Transition Committees.


SoRo, 4/18/17, Draft Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 4/18/17, Agenda, HERE

SoRo, 4/14/17, Special Meeting, Approved Minutes HERE

SoRo, 3/21/17, Approved Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 3/21/17, Draft Minutes, HERE

SoRo,3/21/17, Agenda, HERE

SoRo, 2/21/17 Approved Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 2/21/17, Draft Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 2/21/17, Agenda, HERE

Soro, 1/30/17, Special Meeting Approved Minutes, HERE

Soro, 1/30/17, Special Meeting Draft Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 1/17/17, Approved Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 1/17/17, Draft Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 1/17/17, Agenda, HERE

SoRo, 1/5/17, Special Meeting, Approved Minutes, HERE

1/5/17, Special Meeting Approved Minutes, Draft Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 12/20/16, Approved Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 12/20/16, Draft Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 12/13/16, Special Meeting Approved Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 12/13/16, Special Meeting Draft Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 11/15/16, Approved Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 11/15/16, Draft Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 11/1/16, Special Approved Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 11/1/16, Special Draft Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 10/18/16, Approved Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 9/20/16, Draft, HERE

SoRo, 9/20/16, Agenda, HERE

SoRo, 8/16/16, Approved Minutes, HERE

PreK12 Study Committee, 8/18/16, Draft, HERE

SoRo, 8/15/16, Draft Minutes, HERE

SoRo, 7/19/16, Special Approved, HERE

SoRo, 7/19/16, Special Draft, HERE

PreK12 Study Committee, 7/12/16, Approved, HERE


SoRo, 11/17/15, Approved, HERE

Wagon Wheel, 12/15/15 Draft, HERE

SoRo, 12/15/15, Draft,  HERE

SoRo, 12/15/15, Approved, HERE

WRVSU, 12/21/15, Transition Board, Draft, HERE

SoRo, 1/5/16, Special Meeting, Draft, HERE

SoRo, 1/5/16, Approved HERE

SoRo, 1/19/16, Draft, HERE

SoRo, 2/2/16, Draft, HERE

Wagon Wheel, 2/8/16, Draft, HERE

SoRo, 2/8/16, Approved, HERE

SoRo, 2/9/16, Special Meeting, Approved, HERE

SoRo, 2/11/16, Special Meeting, Approved, HERE

SoRo, 2/23/16, Special Meeting, Approved, HERE

SoRo, 3/15/16 Approved, HERE

SoRo, 4/5/16,WW Approved, HERE

SoRo, 4/10/16, Neasc Visit, Approved, HERE

SoRo, 4/13/16, Special Meeting, Approved, HERE

SoRo. 4/15/16, Special Meeting, Approved, HERE

SoRo, 5/3/16, Approved, HERE

SoRo, 6/7.16, Draft, HERE

SoRo, 6/21/16, Special Draft, HERE