Principal’s Message


Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.  The summer is over and it is time to get back into the swing of teaching and learning.  We have several new staff members to introduce, Joshua Pauley, our new music teacher, Brian Geraghty our new Middle School Social Studies Teacher, Timothy Fitzgerald, our new High School English Teacher, Laura Caravella, our new Middle School Special Education teacher, and Linda Shaw, our new K-2 Special Education teacher.  Our road map for the future will continue to be directed by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation process.  Our future is bright, and our resolve to improve on the great things that we do is high.

As we approach the year we are working to implement a new social/Emotional curriculum at the Elementary and Middle Levels.  Along with that we will be working with a strong anti-bullying program.  We will be working across all levels to put a new Multi-Tiered Support System into place to ensure all children have the resources to learn and grow.  As a school, we will be starting focused discussions around Technology, Guidance and Communication, Curriculum and Assessment, Professional Development, and Culture and Climate.  This will change the way we structure our staff meetings, and focus us on innovation and student support.

It is through this foundation that we can look to the future, strive for improvement and make South Royalton the pride of central Vermont.   We are dedicated to finding additional and more efficient ways to communicate with you as parents in the hopes of engaging everyone at a much higher level.  In addition, we will be asking you to partner with us in spreading the “word” to the larger community about the great things happening in our school.  Your honest feedback and unbridled opinion will be both welcomed and necessary in building a bright and successful future for our students.

Our school has an amazing reputation on the local, regional, and state level.  The school consolidation process has put a strain on the community and has brought about some deep divisions, opinions, and ideals.  It is time to reflect and heal from those.  Regardless of this, the opportunities available to your sons and daughters in and out of school are remarkable, given the size of our school and community.  We have an outstanding drama program, an award winning music program, a historically strong athletic program, and academic course offerings that allows South Royalton students opportunities that are not available in larger schools.  Let’s keep working as a community to strengthen and expand the educational opportunities that are offered for our children.

Let’s work together in continuing to turn a great school into an extraordinary school for the children of South Royalton.


Dean Stearns, Principal