High School Supply List

Ms. Epchook

1.5 to 2 inch binder and loose leaf paper

Mr. Gomez

For all Chemistry and Physics classes, students need to have a 3  ring binder and a pencil.

Ms. Dragon

Spiral notebook for labs

Binder or other notebook for notes/papers


Ms. Caroline Smith

All of my HS classes need a composition or spiral notebook and index cards.

Ms. Bath

Geometry students need: protractor, compass, metric ruler

all classes: 3 ring binder, pencils pens, erasers, book covers

Mrs. DeSimone

A 3 ring binder, pens, paper

Mrs. Robins

o   Pencils – Pencils are required.

o   Erasers

o   Paper (lined and graph) – I recommend graph paper for taking notes.

o   Binder – I recommend a large binder to keep class materials in.

o   Ruler

o   Calculator –

Algebra I: I do not require that Algebra I students buy a calculator.  When needed, calculators will be supplied during class.  Should you wish to purchase a graphing calculator, the recommended models are TI-84, TI-83, or TI-Nspire.

Algebra II:  While I do not require that Algebra II students buy a graphing calculator, we will be using them frequently.  When needed, calculators will be supplied during class.  You can complete assignments requiring a calculator before school, after school, or during a study hall in my classroom.  Should you wish to purchase a graphing calculator, the recommended models are TI-84, TI-83, or TI-Nspire. There are also a range of apps for smart phones.  I cannot guarantee that all functions needed for class will be available with these apps, however.  Please see me to discuss which option might be best for you.

AP Statistics: You must purchase your own graphing calculator.  We will be using the TI-Nspire in class.  If you already have a different model graphing calculator and wish to use it, I recommend that you bring your instruction manual as you may need to look up certain functions.

Foreign Language

High school language students need a 3-ring binder with divided sections for handouts, homework, songs, tests/quizzes, etc.

Mrs. Barreda

2″ three ringed binder, blue or black pens, college rule paper

Ms. Holland

Students will need a binder or notebook for taking notes. I have loose leaf paper in abundance and I have 3 ring binders I can donate to students who don’t have their own.  I like to have them cover their textbooks but this can be done with paper bags.