Testing Dates

*** DEADLINE to register for PSATs is September 23rd *** 

Testing Dates

AP Test Dates

October 1 October 19 September 10 May 3 – English Literature May 9 – French
November 5 October 22 May 8 – Biology May 10 – English Language
December 3 December 10 May 9 – Calculus AB May 12 – Human Geography
January 21 February 11
March 11 April 8
May 6 June 10
June 3

American College Test (ACT)

The American College Test is a multiple-choice battery of tests measuring skills in English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning.  The ACT packet, available in the Student office, includes the registration form, interest inventory, and student profile.  The combined results of the test and interest inventory can be used to plan your career or choose a major.  The test results are used for admissions, for placement in English and math courses, and for awarding scholarships.  Each section of the ACT is related on a scale of 1 to 36.  The subscores are averaged to create a composite.

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT I)

The Scholastic Aptitude Test is a multiple-choice battery of tests measuring ability in English and mathematics.  Verbal and math scores are given on a range from 200 to 800.  A “total” score is calculated by adding the English and math scores.


These are tests administered by College Board that measure achievement in a specific subject area such as English, foreign language, science, or math.  Some highly selective universities may require these tests.  There is no need to take these unless the university you plan to attend requires it for admission or placement.  Some schools will accept the ACT in place of the SAT II.


SAT compared to ACT



  • no science section
  • no trigonometry questions
  • vocabulary emphasized
  • non multiple-choice questions included
  • guessing penalty
  • no English grammar
  • math accounts for 50% of your score
  • questions go from easy to hard in most sections
  • science reasoning section
  • math includes trigonometry
  • vocabulary less important
  • entirely multiple-choice
  • no guessing penalty
  • English grammar tested
  • math accounts for 25% of your score
  • easy and hard questions mixed within sections