2016-17 Middle School Supply List

School starts on Wednesday, August 31st!

It will be a half-day!  All students in grades 6-12 should report to the big gym for Morning Meeting by 8:00. Middle school lockers will be located in the hallway near the small gym.  Locks are not necessary, but any student wishing to use a lock may rent one from the office.  Personal locks are not permitted.

2016-2017 678 Supply List

General List (for all courses):




  • pens
  • headphones or earbuds
  • highlighters
  • a ruler (with inches and cm)
  • pencil case or pouch (it is helpful, but not required, to have one for each binder)


  • Scientific Calculator (TI-30x IIS recommended; you do not need a graphing calc.)
  • 1.5 inch binder with dividers
  • graph paper notebook (If it is not 3-hole punched, make sure it fits in the pocket of your binder.)


  • 1 spiral-bound college-ruled notebook
  • 1.5-inch binder with dividers
  • LOTS of white lined, college-ruled paper

Social Studies:

  • 1 spiral five-subject notebook (college ruled is preferable)
  • 1.5-inch binder with lined paper and dividers


  • 1.5-inch binder
  • One set of dividers (5 tabs)
  • spiral one subject notebook

Make sure you have the following at home:

  • tape
  • glue
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • colored pencils

This list is also posted on the school’s website.  www.soroschool.org   (click on academics, then middle school)

You can look at our list on amazon for examples of items. https://amzn.com/w/2QCB68M8YMJAO